Welp, It’s Official…

I think I did it, people! I think I am now officially the world’s worst blogger. I know my apologies for not posting always sound cheap and flimsy…probably because they are 😉 But, for those of you still out there, I love y’all anyways, and I am back on the update train! In order to catch you up in two shakes of a lamb’s tail, and also in honor of my thirty-something or other birthday this past weekend, I have decided to do a list of 31 things that have happened in my little world down here over the past few months. Feast your eyes:

1) Linden held the first ever Camp BRO (Brothers Reaching Others)–we had over EIGHTY boys attend this two day event. Thanks to the assistance we received from the folks at FROG (Friends & RPCVs Of Guyana). Learn more about the organization at http://www.guyfrog.org

2) I attended the local karaoke night with some fellow teachers here in Linden–let’s just say Guyanese people LOVE their ballads.

3) Helped host the Ministry of Education’s annual Linden Author’s Fair event. They even let me be a judge for the essay competition!

4) Said goodbye to the other three Linden Ladies (if you guys are reading–I miss youuuu) and prepared myself for four months of being the ONLY volunteer in Linden. Obviously, I survived…barely.

5) Hit the official “One Year In Country” mark on May 2.

6) Scrubbed 11,364 more loads of laundry by hand (ok, maybe a slight exaggeration)

7) Experienced my first ever MASH! Kind of like the Guyanese version of Carnivale. Think gyrating, parades, body glitter, and music.

8) Finished reading my 30th book since arriving in Guyana.

9) Had the Grand Opening for the Literacy Room at my school!

10) Had, and survived, a mild to moderate “mid-service crisis”. Unlike a midlife crisis, it did not involve buying a yellow sports car or getting hair plugs.

11) Started and (mostly) finished an enormous world map mural in the entryway to my school.

12) Spent an inordinate and ridiculous amount of time thinking about what I am going to feed myself for the next meal, week, month, year…

13) Spent an inordinate and ridiculous amount of time thinking about what I am going to eat when I finish and come back to the states. Spoiler alert: I will weight 300 pounds after being back for approximately a month.

14) Helped make and model a cardboard Easter hat worthy of a debut at the Kentucky Derby. Or a nursery school Easter parade. Either one.

15) Got tricked twice by the same child at school on April Fool’s Day. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…damnit!

16) Had a flying cockroach land on my neck and crawl up into my hair.

17) Learned how to knit and made two purses-pretaaaay prettaaay proud of myself for this. Insert old lady jokes here.

18) I moved! Yes, AGAIN. If you want the new address, shoot me an email

19) Marked off nine out of ten of the regions of Guyana. One more to check off. Region 7, I’m coming for ya!

20) Attended the Lethem Rodeo festivities. Yes, a RODEO in Guyana. You can just imagine how excited this Texas girl was 🙂

21) Survived a 22 hour bus ride back from said rodeo.

22) Survived a scorpion sting on said bus ride.

23) I got to help PC staff reorganize the training for the newbies (GUY 26) that arrived in May. I even got to teach a training session on early childhood literacy and meet all the new education vols.

24) Found out what it is like to have $115 Guyanese dollars to your name at the end of the month–this is roughly 50 cents…

25) Made it to the end of my first Guyanese school year.

26) Got to see my first batch of grade 6 students graduate from primary school and get ready to move on to secondary. Celebrations included caps, gowns, certificates–in true Guyanese fashion–and of course food and dancing. These kids were dressed to the NINES y’all!

27) Attending my first big week-long Camp GLOW as a resource volunteer. What an experience. This one deserves a post of its own, but I had to mention it here also. Find out more at http://www.campglowguyana.org

28) FLYING BACK HOME TO AMERICA FOR A VISIT. Reuniting with friends, family, and the great state of Texas.

29) Watching one of my best friends in the world get married. Congrats Katie & Haydn 🙂

30) Hitting the One Year mark at site here in Linden–July 4th.

31) Annnnnnd last but not least, preparing myself for this last nine months of ups, downs, successes, challenges, and everything in between!

Hope everyone out there in the great wide world is doing well.


3 thoughts on “Welp, It’s Official…

  1. WOW Jade! You have been one busy thirty or something adventuress. Yikes – 20 hours on a bus accompanied only by a scorpion. Have really missed your blogs. Please send Jan and I your new address so we can send a BP. How about Ol’ Miss and Miss State being tied for 3rd place in the national rankings – Jesus is coming!!Love and miss you! George and, by proxy, Jan

  2. Hey Jade, I am an Education volunteer getting ready to come to Guyana with GUY 27. Reading your blog has answered a lot of questions I’ve had and I really appreciate all the little details.

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