Hello World!!

WOW. It has been a really long time since I wrote a post. Apologies to all my loyal readers out there—all ten of you  😉

To be honest, I don’t even really have that good of an excuse for not writing lately, except that life has just become…life. Having now been here for 14 months, I am pretty used to this whole experience, and when one becomes used to something, it seems like it would be boring for other people to read about. So really, I’ve been doing y’all a favor! This is not to say that life has been boring, or that Guyana doesn’t still surprise me every now and then—quite the opposite actually. The past six months or so (has it really been that long since my last post?) have been busy, productive, and eye-opening.

To start with, I have now moved out into independent housing and no longer live with a host family. It’s been great having lots of space, and I love my house! Of course there are moments when I really miss living with a family—especially when it comes to having to think about feeding myself. Seriously, I spend a comical and inordinate amount of time thinking about this. It’s not like I can just hop out to the nearest restaurant or call for delivery…and even if I could, the ole PC budget wouldn’t allow for that much beyond a week or so. The good news is produce is pretty cheap here, so I eat a lot of vegetables. I have also recently become what would conservatively be called interested, and honestly be called obsessed, with homemade bread products. I have gotten into the habit of combining flour and water, sometimes baking powder, or salt, or sugar, in different quantities, to different consistencies, and cooking it in all types of ways. It’s resulted in some awesome accidents, like the time I ended up with what is best described as a giant English muffin-y type thing…too bad I can’t remember how I did that one…and also some awesome failures. But at the very least it has kept me entertained, as well as fed.

I have also been reading. A TON. I just finished my 28th book since I started Peace Corps—with probably 15 of those happening over the past 4 or 5 months. A lot of this probably has to do with the other three Linden Ladies finishing service and heading back home (miss you guys!). As of right now, I am the only volunteer in Linden, but not to worry—the new group, GUY 26, has arrived in country and will soon be arriving to site, so I will once again have company! I recently attempted to start a garden by planting some seeds in cups and nurturing said seedlings up to a point where they could be placed in the ground…then I did some traveling and was gone for a bit too long, and they all died but one. I haven’t given up though, and plan on starting again when I return from my States visit!

What else have I been doing with my time? Traveling to visit other volunteers (I’ll talk about that in my upcoming “New Places” post) and of course working—what?! You think I’m just down here on some kind of two year vacation or something??—but I’ll talk about that in my upcoming “Projects” post. I hope that everyone out there in the wide world is doing well, and OH, I got a new address. If anyone is interested in sending me a letter or a postcard, I still love snail mail. Email me for the new address if you want it. In the meantime, keep on trucking! As always, peace & love from Guyana. HH


2 thoughts on “Hello World!!

  1. This is the “real” George :>) Like Jan, I have missed your updates. So surprised Jan didn’t commiserate with you about her black thumb and growing veggies – she finally got a cucumber plant to blossom but I’m not holding my breath – they need to somehow turn into cucumbers :>) Have been trying my turn at baking too! Last weekend I actually made a blueberry crumble and it turned out, well, crumbly – but it’s a great ice cream topper :>). Can’t wait to read your upcoming blogs and, please, please send us your new snail mail address! Best! George

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