Ten Things I Thought I Wouldn’t Get Used To, But Have…

1)      Eating any kind of fish product for breakfast. Still not my favorite, but I can get it down the ole gullet if I have to. 

2)      Falling asleep to a veritable symphony of dogs barking, roosters crowing, cows bellowing, frogs croaking, rain pounding a zinc rooftop (seriously it sounds like a freight train), and let’s not forget the soca music from the neighbors on one side, and the gospel music from the neighbors on the other side, and the reggae music from the Rastas across the way 🙂

3)      Walking in a wavy line/zig zag pattern to avoid stepping or falling in potholes, which are usually filled with mud. You might think the word “falling” seems dramatic, but no, some of them really are that big!

4)      Taking my shoes off before stepping into a house. I used to have to really try to remember to do this, and now it’s a no-brainer.

5)      Showering (aka pouring small buckets of water over my head) in less than three minutes.

6)      Having 40 minute conversations about poop, puke, any other gastrointestinal issues, bugs, critters, and my personal fave—parasites—with other volunteers.

7)      Being stared at. Openly and without an ounce of shame.

8)      Being called “white gyal”.

9)      Eating meat without studying it and trying to guess which part of the animal it might be.

10)   Hurtling down the highway at tremendous speeds, passing on a two-lane highway sometimes with feet to spare before making our way back into the correct lane, dodging aforementioned potholes, goats, small children, old people, unimpressed cattle, horses and the like. There are obviously still times where my life flashes before my eyes, but for the most part I have grown pretty accustomed to this way of traveling.


4 thoughts on “Ten Things I Thought I Wouldn’t Get Used To, But Have…

  1. It’s truly amazing how quickly one can adapt (and learn) from different cultures. You are the “Amazing Adaptable Gringette” Jade 🙂 As always, I look forward to your postings.

  2. Yep, I understand where you are coming from on many of these. #7 just stare back or take thier photo. In India I saw a huge agument on a train so I just walked up and stared openly without shame. I am going to watch!

    I never get used to number 10.

    I haven’t worn shoes in a house in about 15 years.

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