Ten Things I May NEVER Get Used To…

1)      Being 30 minutes late to something and hearing “Wow, you’re early!” upon arrival.

2)      The heat. I am convinced it might be the death of me. The only way I know to appropriately express how I feel about it is to tell you that the other day I would have unzipped and removed my own skin if it had been possible, because I felt like it was suffocating me…

3)      Being mistaken for Wendy, another volunteer here in Linden. We literally could not possibly look ANY different. She’s tall and blonde for Pete’s sake, haha.

4)      People getting in fist fights over whose bus you will get on.

5)      People assuming you are competent in areas that you are not competent in, simply because you are American. For example, medical advice.

6)      People assuming you are incompetent in areas that you are perfectly competent in, simply because you are American. For example, mopping floors. Since we all have maids that do that for us back at home, obviously…

7)      The sheer deliciousness of fruits here.

8)      The clouds and sky in Guyana. It’s hard to explain but the clouds here are really unlike any other I’ve seen. Really big and fluffy, they seem really close but also super far away. I’ll try to get some good pictures but I just don’t think it will translate.

9)      Did I already mention the heat?? It’s really hot here…

10)   The amount of sheer jealousy that surges through me when I see a head full of awesome dreads, and realize that no matter how hard I try, I can never have hair like that.


3 thoughts on “Ten Things I May NEVER Get Used To…

  1. The punctuality part would be the most difficult for me. I think I’d like a society where showing up 10 minutes late was okay, but being half an hour late and that being “early” would mess me up.

  2. Like you, I never got/get used to the heat – in both Panama and Arkansas. Just thankful you have some of that delicious fruit to help you cope with it! What kind of fruit is common there?

    • Hey George–just realized I never answered your question concerning fruit! The most common fruits here are pine (pineapple), papaw (papaya), guava, passion fruit, a fruit called mami (don’t think there is an American equivalent), soursop,..there are almost too many to name, haha!

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