My Peace Corps Timeline

This post will most likely be interesting only to people considering the Peace Corps and people currently in the application process. For the rest of you, feel free to read on! As some of you know, the Peace Corps application process has been a long, and sometimes frustrating process. Come to find out, it is that way for most people, and it helps sometimes to read about other people’s application woes. For those interested, here is a rough outline of my personal application process:

(For current/future applicants: please note that I applied under what is now affectionately dubbed the “old system”)

December 19, 2011: Submitted my online application
December 20, 2011: Attended a local PC event where I met with a recruiter and a number of other folks interested in service
January 6, 2012: Received the call from my recruiter (same one I met at the local event) to set up my initial interview
January 18, 2012: Interviewed (via Skype) with said recruiter–told to expect to hear back by mid-March regarding my nomination and to get more volunteer experience–started volunteering at the San Antonio AIDS Foundation
March 16, 2012: Received “unofficial nomination” for the following–Asia, January 2013, Primary Teacher Training–needless to say, ECSTATIC!
March 20, 2012: Received official nomination–told to prepare for LOTS of waiting
Over the next month or so, I emailed the fingerprint packet off, and scheduled/had all of my many (first-round at least) doctors appointments. Following numerous requests for more information…then, waaaiiiting.
October 15, 2012: FINALLY received medical clearance (pending one more vaccine)
November 7 & 8, 2012: Received email to set up final placement interview & email updated resume to Placement Officer–kind of became clear at this point that my original nomination/program was no longer a go…
November 26, 2012: Phone interview with placement officer–discussed a couple different possible assignments
November 30, 2012: RECEIVED INVITATION via email for Guyana, April 30, 2013, Community Education Promoter!!! Received the notorious blue packet sometime in the following week.
December 2, 2012: Officially accepted my invitation to serve

The time since accepting my invite has flown by, and here I am about 5 weeks from my staging date! For those of you in the process, a few pointers:
1) Be patient
2) Be flexible
3) If it is what you want, the wait is worth it.


One thought on “My Peace Corps Timeline

  1. Think I have finally figured out how to respond :>). We’ve read all your entries and admire you as you set out on this new chapter in your life. We check regularly for any new entry. Please let us know it there is anything you need.

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